Julio Pescador

Hi there! My name is Julio Pescador and I am a developer at the University of California, Merced. I work primarily in Salesforce handling the jargon you may or may not have heard of from Apex, Visualforce, Process Builder, Visual Workflow, Organization-Wide Defaults, etc. I also handle the institution’s ETL process from Salesforce to Ellucian Banner. When I’m not in Salesforce, I’m coding in Java, PL/SQL, or using a BI Tool called IBM Cognos.

Outside of work, I binge watch Netflix. I’ve seen some great shows such as Luther, Jessica Jones, Master of None, Narcos, and Club de Cuervos. I also go to the gym to stay in shape, can’t skip leg day right? I’m a casual gamer who plays once in a while, and I primarily play on the PC. I am currently playing Fallout 4 and I do have to say that the power armor finally feels like I’m in a tank! Collecting junk items has a purpose now too…need more desk fans. Last but not least, I like to learn new things in tech whether it’s a new framework, programming language, or some algorithms. Keep on a eye out on this website as I’ll be posting some tips and tricks I learn related to tech which I hope helps you out!